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Hilversum (NH): town hall (W.M. Dudok, 1928-1931)

In 1928 W.M. Dudok was appointed municipal architect of Hilversum. Until then he had designed several buildings and objects for Hilversum in his function of director of Municipal Works. The town hall would become his masterpiece, and had been designed by him up to the smallest details, including the furniture and even a chairman's hammer. From 1915 until 1922 several designs were made, of which the final one was finished in 1924. Construction however didn't start until 1927, after several years of uncertainty over whether it would ever be build at all. A whole issue of the then influential 'Wendingen' magazine had been dedicated to it. H.P. Berlage initiated a petition which was signed by 55 leading architects, that stated that Dudok's town hall was one of the best designs in contemporary architecture. The city-counsil had no choice than to commission Dudok to build his town hall. The town hall was built just outside the town centre, where it could be surrounded by a park. The building is made up out of box-like shapes, with a mostly vertical accent that is broken by several horizontal structures. A special format of yellow brick was made for it. When finished, the civil servants who were supposed to work in this building, obviously didn't like it, as they quickly decorated the interior in their own taste. Dudok protested, and all decorations were removed.









































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